Illustrated perspectives from the time of upheaval

Traveling exhibition of the 

May 1 - 28, 2022 with the support of City of Design Graz on the Murinsel Graz 

Midissage: May 20, 2022 - 17:00 to 19:00 - Murinsel Cafe

For the Murinsel, ILLU KOLLEKTIV GRAZ dedicated its 5th exhibition to change - with a strong reference to climate change. The very different approaches and contents revealed both the breadth and depth of the subject matter as well as the individual agitation of the individual illustrators of different origins and generations. By juxtaposing our personal experiences and ways of thinking with objective realities and facts, by linking and merging them, we tried to capture connections and concerns in a picture and make them visible/perceptible.

ILLU KOLLEKTIV GRAZ consists of seven illustrators from Graz. Our medium of expression - illustration - is a multifaceted instrument, both in terms of content and technique. Whether abstract representation or humorous comic strip - each content and each objective can be confronted with its own style of implementation. Since February 2021 we have been touring the city of Graz with our traveling exhibition and playing in the public space. On the one hand we want to actively shape our city and on the other hand we want to make illustration more visible as an art form in its own right.

Contact: illukollektivgraz@posteo.at

Presented illustrators

ILLU KOLLEKTIV GRAZ: Karin Csernohorski, Christane Franke, Jacqueline Kaulfersch, Anna-Maria Jung, Mac Krebernik, Clara Frühwirth, Michaela Nutz

Guest illustrators: Andrea Kurtz, Anja Grohmann, Laura Schindler, Geetanjali Behera

Guest illustrators from the HTBLVA Graz - Ortweinschule: Wen Ting (Christina) Qin, Rahela Popovici, Andreas Didu-Macesanu, Lilo Buschek

Guest illustrators from Ukraine: Yev Haidamaka, Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv


Pictures of the Midissage (many thanks to Lukas Fritzer) >