WHERE TO? Poster Trilogy

for the traveling exhibition, "Illustrated Perspectives from the Interim", by Illu Kollektiv Graz

Part 1: WHERE TO ? Where are we headed

Part 2: WHERE TO ? Where am I headed

Part 3: WHERE ? Where is the system headed

For an enlightened democracy - transparency, freedom, education, and, consequently: equal rights for humans and nature!

The developments surrounding climate change, biodiversity, digitalization and democracy, as well as the evolution of my own personality over the last 2 years, serve as a backdrop for my “Resonance” series. The ink paintings for WHERE TO? Part 1 and 2 were created at the end of 2019; they were digitized at Les editions artfabriek before the first lockdown and digitally edited, colored and the text added in 2020. The ink drawings for Part 3 were created in the Autumn of 2020, when it became apparent that the Covid-19 crisis had exacerbated.  They highlight problem areas in our society that predate the crisis. Parallels with the environmental and climate crisis regarding acceptance and repression became increasingly visible to me.

> Traveling exhibition of the Illu Kollektiv Graz