Illustrations for the "BREATHE" exhibition in Graz on the subject of climate change

The illustrations were presented as part of the Illu Kollektiv traveling exhibition at the Klima-Kultur-Pavillon in Summer-Autumn 2021.

The illustrations are personally dedicated to spatial and temporal change within my own lifetime.

"LEBENSWANDEL" Series - pencil on paper, 2021; digitally colored, 2021; digital print on glued spruce wood, 700x700x19mm

ILLU KOLLEKTIV GRAZ dedicates its 4th exhibition to climate change for the Klima-Kultur-Pavillon. The divergent approaches and contents reveal both the breadth and depth of the subject matter as well as the individual motivation of each illustrator. By juxtaposing our personal experiences and ways of thinking with objective facts and realities, linking and merging them, we strive to capture connections and affection in an image, rendering them visible and perceptible.