Design forum Styria 18.09.2021 - 16.10.2021, Graz

"WE LOVE ILLUSTRATION shows what illustration is capable of achieving. Whether as a visual symbol of topics for which it is difficult to find words, a bearer of meaning for advertising messages, or in the communication of complex content: illustration goes beyond a simple line on paper. This art form is the visual bridge builder of communication design. "The power of illustration lies in its ability to visualize anything. There are no limits," emphasizes curator Jacqueline Kaulfersch, herself a passionate illustrator and art director at cardamom. With the aim of giving local creatives a stage, an exhibition was commissioned by Creative Industries Styria to provide an insight into the creative world of Styrian illustrators and present the multifaceted nature of illustration. Whether in editorial, children's books, packaging, comics, animation, information graphics, wall design, technical illustration or fashion - the 52 illustrators on display, including well-known names such as Florian Satzinger, Decasa and Clara Frühwirth, showcase the wide range and significance of illustration in today's world." Source: CIS Styria

I am delighted that 3 of my works and my sketchbook were selected for this exhibition.