moved by nature

Exhibition at PARKS ART, June 1 - 30, 2021

Thoughts about the project

The title of the exhibition "moved by nature" describes my gratitude for an intense connection with nature which constitutes the driving force in my life. Experiences in nature, moments in time and encounters with living beings and living spaces are what move me deeply and from which I derive significant energy.  

Spending time outdoors, whether in a busy city park or on a solitary multi-day tour in the high mountains, has a balancing and refreshing effect. Inner happiness and harmony may spring from spotting a deer while walking through the forest, listening to crows while I meditate on the balcony, being entertained by a squirrel in a city park, or coming across an ibex on a mountaintop. A deep feeling of self-awareness and of belonging to the universe is something often lost in our everyday lives, where the pressure of work, politics, and the media lead to stress and subsequently to disorders such as anxiety, hopelessness, and loneliness.

The air we breathe, the sun’s rays that reach our skin and are absorbed through our eyes, air pressure and humidity … our bodies possess a sophisticated sense mechanism to decipher the "atmosphere" that surrounds us. I am deeply thankful for each opportunity to rely on my senses, and experience them as frequently as possible, every day. The images created for this exhibition are based on this connection and on a sense of gratitude.

The flip side of this deep relationship with nature is evident in the “Resonance” series. Since childhood, the conservation of the environment, of nature and of animals has concerned me deeply. My studies in Environmental Systems Science - and especially in climate change - led me to a deeper understanding of interrelationships in nature and the role played by humanity in this delicate equilibrium. I now realize that we can’t neglect the social aspects in favor of purely environmental ones. From this it follows that the mountain sheep I illustrated must be an eco-social-democratic one. The “Resonance” series also deals with democratic processes, equality, digitalization with a tendency towards surveillance, and our current western lifestyle. More about this in my poster trilogy, WOHIN?