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Michaela Nutz
Gartengasse 29 | 2. Stock
8010 Graz | Austria
+43 650 876 3400

I visualize and illustrate ideas, concepts, messages, and identities for companies and projects. I am especially interested in projects that contribute to a socially fair and ecologically sustainable development of our society. My professional focus is on illustration & illustrated infographics as well as logo & branding.  

I welcome inquiries and new challenges. I would be happy to provide you with a quote for the project you are planning.

Please contact me via my representative pinu - illustration agency or if you are inquiring from Austria, please also contact me directly.

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About me

I am a graphic designer; I studied Environmental Systems Science with a focus on Geography at the Karl Franzens University in Graz. For the last 10 years, I have devoted myself to illustration. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects in the field of sustainability and climate and environmental protection. I live in my native city of Graz, in Austria. I draw inspiration for my life and work from my travels and from nature.


What distinguishes you?

My interdisciplinary education and professional experience. I enjoy delving into the content of each project, understanding its multiple aspects and challenges, and finding an original solution through an iterative, creative process with the client.

What do you like about your work?

I work independently and focus deeply on my work, but I also enjoy being part of a team. I find pleasure in the variety offered by the wide range of topics my clients bring to the table. Our office community provides an ideal partnership in the areas of cartography, regional development, and web design.

Would you like to add any further information regarding your work?  

My focus is on illustration, infographics, and branding. I work with mixed media, analog and digital, depending on the project and its requirements. My own projects are displayed in exhibitions or produced as prints or printed products.

Do you have any particular experiences you'd like to share?

Design is an iterative process, which begins with a conversation with the client; ideas are subsequently drafted, developed, and then analyzed together. This mutually inspiring process provides us with a clear direction towards a fulfilling result.  

What is your hourly rate; what are the costs?

My net hourly rate is Euro 90. Depending on the project and application, other fees, such as rights of use in terms of time and space may apply.