• WOHIN - illustration - mnutz - Michaela Nutz
  • WOHIN - illustration - mnutz - Michaela Nutz
  • WOHIN - illustration - mnutz - Michaela Nutz
  • WOHIN - illustration - mnutz - Michaela Nutz

In response to our behavior as a society in the Corona crisis with a view to upcoming challenges.

Thoughts on the project

The corona pandemic hit most of us quite unexpectedly and suddenly. The measures taken, the first lockdown that brought almost the entire economy to a standstill, stopped air traffic, reduced traffic in the cities to a comfortable level for a short time ... all of this has shown us: if we want, we can work together mobilize that enable changes quickly and achieve great results (at least my personal experience from the first lockdown in March / April 2020). After the first successful lockdown, summer came and it happened: felt nothing. Then came the second wave over the summer: you reacted much too late. Displacement, short-term profit thinking, political calculation, a lack of communication - whatever led to it - the result was that more and more people were lost on the way without orientation and at a loss (tip of the iceberg: the corona demos), the economic damage is immensely high and the opportunity has not yet been used to set off in a new direction, to paint a horizon towards which one could strive together in order to tackle the great challenges ahead (climate crisis, digitization, basic income, democracy, migration, etc.) . The corona crisis could have been used to involve the population through transparent decision-making and communication, to provide information, to demand and exemplify everyone's responsibility for everyone, so that the most free, democratic society possible could function in the future. From my perception, that has been neglected up to now.

The incredibly fast development of vaccination, which is based on the pooling of common resources, was another positive surprise and shows that we are excellently positioned when it comes to technical progress. The egoistic struggle for vaccination doses by people, states and associations of states against one another reveals that we are severely lacking holistic thinking, acting in solidarity and foresight.

The parallels between the corona and climate crises - the latter has been giving me pause for decades - are the background of my series "Resonanz", which I started at the end of 2019: analog ink pictures that I made in Les editions before the first lockdown read artfabriek digitized and then digitally edited, colored and texted during the various lockdowns and now presented as a poster (print: druck.at) in our group traveling exhibition.

Series "Resonanz" - Indian ink on bamboo Hahnemühle 2019 - digitally colored and edited 2020/2021

"Brain food"

Our cell phone acts as an extension of the body - just like z. B. also our car. We use both as an aid, as an extension of our physical possibilities. It belongs to us, so to speak, like our hand or our feet. Both devices have great advantages: we are more mobile and networked, we can get information and hold conversations. But now these devices no longer serve us - we rather serve them.

Cars occupy our living space, for them we seal our valuable floors. Our comfortable individual mobility with a combustion engine is more important to us than our health, that of our fellow human beings and our environment (lack of exercise, traffic accidents, air pollution, CO2 emissions, low energy efficiency, etc.).

Our cell phones keep us busy, if we don't pay attention to them, they ask us to do so. And we get used to being busy and affirmed. The content, which usually serves more goals for others than ours, takes our lifespan and our energy away. The way they are presented to us, how they interact, affects our brains by operating our reward system. We are social beings, we need the attention and approval of others. When used unconsciously, even consciously, we are deeply manipulated, and we can become dependent and even addicted.

"Big Eyes"

In the interests of security, we are giving up more and more privacy and freedom. Politically, we are often only offered black and white options - we can, so to speak, choose between surveillance and terror. From this position, the use of the tools is argued that are taking more and more control over our lives. It's not about whether we have something to hide or not. It goes z. For example, that we do not notice it when companies, governments or government opponents or people who want to undermine our democracy manipulate us through our information channels and habits in our own bubble. It is also about our inner balance and satisfaction, which we can achieve if we deal with our own goals and values and not with the goals of others who are persuaded and sold to us through various channels.

It is also about social changes through digitization, the so-called fourth industrial revolution that is imminent. It means that many of our professions will no longer exist in their current form. We should see this positively and consider whether we absolutely have to secure our existence through gainful employment. A large proportion of work already falls under unpaid or not fairly paid work (care, support, club activities, etc.). We would also relieve the burden on the health system (burnout, boreout). As a society, we should consider how we want to deal with fewer and fewer jobs in the long term, also on a global level. If we want to strive for and realize social peace and ecological balance on our planet and for ourselves, we would need something like a global unconditional basic income.


In the course of the energy transition and the use of new raw materials, we would have the chance to be more careful and more careful with nature and people than before (recycling / circular economy). For example, areas that have already been sealed should primarily be used for the expansion of photovoltaic systems. Agricultural and undeveloped areas as well as valuable soils must be preserved (land use cycle). Especially in cities in times of global warming, sealing is counterproductive for the urban climate and health. The technical solution - installation of air conditioning systems - increases energy consumption. But if we want to achieve our climate goals, we have to reduce our energy consumption. This is also increasing due to the rebound effects: new machines / devices are more energy-efficient, but larger (e.g. televisions) and heavier (e.g. cars) or we have more of them (cell phones, tablets, Kindles, laptops etc.).

We need a change in our values and our attitudes. E.g. eating meat was once a sign of prosperity for us too. However, eating meat every day is not beneficial for well-being and health, and it is also not a basic right. The abolition of industrial factory farming in favor of respectful treatment of animals and people in the industry leads to less water consumption, avoidance of antibiotic resistance and a reduction in methane emissions.
Having one's own car once stood for personal freedom and prosperity (this is still massively propagated in advertising). For modern mobility to get from A to B, we don't all need our own car (and if so, then light electric mobility), we need great shoes, great (electric) bicycles and flexible, punctual, modern public transport, depending on the respective one Are adapted to the situation (multimodal traffic)! In addition, a flexible working time model with home office options and coworking spaces to reduce commuter traffic. Hardly anyone has to be present at work every day of the week.

"Donkey screams loudly"

Social media use and media literacy must be reflected more strongly in society - there must be education in this area. This affects all of us but especially multipliers who pass on their knowledge to their students. Media funding needs to be changed. We need free, independent media that are neither politically nor economically dependent, financially or otherwise, and that are committed to ethical principles. They must be able to exercise control so that corrupt citizens do not get away with satisfying their (power, money) greed at the expense of all of us and undermining democracy by disregarding the rules of the game. We have to value media that do diligent research, that question themselves and that do serious journalism. And we must give them preferential treatment financially over others who don't!
We need transparency about what political decisions are based on. We all have a right to know how our money and energy are used. We must continue to fight for a society in which everyone is finally treated equally and fairly!


Shifting responsibility for our actions or non-actions to future technical solutions alone does not get us any further. In parallel, we will rethink our values ​​and goals, our attitudes, our attitudes, i. H. need to change our behavior. We must learn to understand that we live our abundance at the expense of other people and limited natural resources. We will have to recognize when we have enough that it is now about other goals than "always more, always and everywhere available and above all for me!". All who have had enough must share with those who do not yet enjoy this prosperity. In our case, renunciation means that we are favored, simply letting go of what is not necessary and what is not essential. We too suffer (often unconsciously for a long time) from this situation, from our excess (anxiety disorders, cardiovascular diseases, etc.).
Owning less means having less responsibility, less fear of losing something, less work, more time for the essentials (maintaining relationships, further development, constructive participation in society, etc.).
Using alternative means of transport means more exercise in everyday life, health, time to read and relax. Time to ask yourself what makes you really happy and satisfied, what is essential in my life. It is on the one hand the task of politics to create the framework conditions for this and on the other hand it is the task of all of us to rethink our inner attitudes and our values.
We need to understand that we have no more right to prosperity and a good life than any other living being on earth. We're not all in the same boat. We're just experiencing the same storm. The corona crisis as well as the climate crisis will show us that we all have to think and act together.


Climate change is like the corona pandemic. Both are non-negotiable. The virus is there and spreading, but we can influence the spread through intelligent community behavior. The same applies to the use of fossil fuels, our meat consumption or our energy consumption. The technical solutions are in place, the political will is still too weak to create the framework conditions (reallocating funding, realizing costs, etc.). Most of us could change direction right now in our life, many are doing it and are being rewarded. Our brain wants to be rewarded. What behavior we use to trigger this reward is up to us. It just depends on the goals we set ourselves.
I fear our destructive dealings with ourselves and our environment and our fellow world result to a large extent from trauma and our hurt and misguided egos. We cannot avoid dealing intensively with ourselves before we can recognize, accept and change our harmful behavior towards our environment and our fellow world.

It is essential for each and every one of us to research what is important to us in our deepest souls and what can make us happy. This is the only way we can become independent of omnipresent advertising messages and protect ourselves from manipulation! By knowing what our goal is, which values are important to us and by living according to these values as consistently and well as we can. This increases our self-confidence, our independence, freedom and our satisfaction with our life.
The prerequisite for being able to deal with oneself and life on this level is a certain freedom from worrying about financial existence. As long as we fearfully invest our energy and time in maintaining our standard of living (always relative to the environment, including future / retirement provisions), we are simply too tired, too stressed (fear equals stress): not fit and healthy enough to be able to cope with ourselves reflect. A basic income for everyone would also be a valuable contribution in this regard.

"Earth rise 2050?"

I imagined how a highly developed, alien species would fare when it discovered our wonderful blue planet and observed more closely what was going on on its surface. You would probably realize that there is a lot of construction going on, that there is a lot of activity in the air (currently less), on the water and on the land. Apparently a being is in global motion and changes the earth's surface, the composition of the atmosphere, the temperature and the ph value of the oceans. It tears wounds in the earth's surface to break down material that it builds up again elsewhere. It produces garbage that it carts from one continent to another or dumps into the sea. It dominates the planet and suppresses all other inhabitants - and also a large part of its own relatives. It wages war, kills, destroys. Often it seems to be about the raw material that changes the atmosphere at the same time. On the side facing away from the sun, a dense luminous network covers the planet. In the agglomerations of this being it is noisy and the air is polluted.
This being has obviously forgotten and has not yet learned to live in harmony with its planet - to understand the interactions, feedback and to fit into this rhythm. It destroys habitats and negates one's own dependence on the diversity of this fundamentally fantastic ecosystem that was able to develop on this planet over millions of years. What luck that the distance to its central star and the occurrence of water made life possible in the first place! That life arose in the water and that this life enriched the atmosphere with oxygen, which made higher life possible in the first place. Despite repeated, violent meteorite impacts that led to mass extinctions, living things always survived and continued to develop.

And now one of you is acting so wrong that it simply destroys this fragile system, within a few 100 years! Out of too little foresight, too little awareness of the uniqueness of the planet? There are also too many beings of this species compared to the others. A kind of monoculture, together with their farm animals that use them. And monocultures are prone to disease, viruses - a not very resilient society. The species will probably not be able to last. The being seems to be suffering from a problem in dealing with selfishness, competitiveness, greed and power. But it was arguably a remarkable approach to evolution. Maybe next time it will work better ... the next meteor is sure to come.

"UFO ark"

Furthermore, I imagine that these extraterrestrials, as a consequence of their deliberations, decide to save those living beings from the planet who, from their point of view, will sooner or later succumb to the ignorance of the ruling being. As a precaution, they do not take the inferior part of the essence with them, because they suspect the problem in the essence of the species. You do not see that many of them have long criticized this path of destruction, that they do not want to go along with it. They don't see that many of them are already living differently but are to a certain extent trapped in a system from which a few benefit greatly, a certain proportion live well - all at the expense of the rest. And they cannot see that a rethinking on a larger scale has already begun, but has not yet been visibly effective because internal resistance is still too high.
But we - here on earth - we can already see it! And we are asked to make ourselves visible, audible, everyone where he / she can!

"Chance of a crisis"

A small rodent, a mammal, survived the meteorite impact, which probably brought the dinosaurs to extinction. We humans also emerged from this, we have developed great brains and thus invented tools and machines, produced culture, language, writing, art, science and education. We are an extremely social animal, our great evolutionary strength lies in our ability to cooperate and communicate. Let us not be persuaded that progress is primarily based on competition and that competition is necessary - the opposite is the case!
Could we manage to use our immense innovative strength and creativity that is in each of us to change our own life and that of everyone else on earth in such a way that it can become fairer, more beautiful and healthier for everyone?


Global crises such as the corona or climate crisis pose a major task for us: we should act with foresight - the effects of our current actions have been postponed in time and space. The rubbish we produce here is exported to another continent. We have outsourced the air-polluting industry to emerging countries. The current rise in sea level is currently primarily affecting island states that are economically and politically insignificant. It always takes two weeks for measures to be taken in the corona pandemic. Our brains are not used to thinking in terms of such temporal and spatial shifts. We need a lot of imagination to keep track of things. We are still used to thinking in linear cause-effect chains - these are very rare in nature. This also applies to exponential growth. Modeling, mathematical models and statistics help us to deal with dimensions that are difficult to imagine. They support our imagination, tools to develop scenarios, visualize them, and plan ahead. In this way we can act carefully and do not have to react unprepared.
We give too much to the image, our own idea of ​​things - we have to face the world as it is - try to see things and understand how they are, complex. Otherwise we will develop, research, think, talk and act bypassing reality. I think that is what one could call and demand transparency. From all of us.

"Mountain Meditation"

To go this way means that you have to acquire knowledge about things as they are in order to get as close as possible to the truth and to be able to better weigh the consequences of your own actions. And since we are so many and our earth is big and we cannot imagine such dimensions - like exponential growth - so well, we have to learn to think and decide systemically. And because there is such a large variety of living spaces, living environments and life, we have to make it as democratic as possible (professional, constructive participation and citizen participation). And since we are all experts in our own environment and our lives, we all have to play a part in this process and get involved.
I imagine what it would be like if we all think, try out and observe and change and adapt and experience where we can go - together - and I hope for all of us, in a nicer, cleaner, more honest, more transparent, more self-determined, more solidary To progress in the future on a planet that will support us in our endeavors with its self-healing powers if we move in the right direction. It just depends on our goals.